Spaces and


A personalized interior styling service that believes in expressing

your story through space design. 

Customer Reviews


Priyanka & Kevin, Founder Gypsy Moth

Marketing agency

( For their workspace Interior Design )


‘We wanted to create our workspace as a reflection of our personality and our passions. When we met Nidhi, from ‘Spaces and Stories’, they wanted to create a story and not just a beautiful space.


And that is when it all came together. Thanks to the team and their vision which makes us feel alive in this space every day.



Our Story


'Spaces and Stories' was established on 2nd September, 2020. It's an interior service that aims at making spaces that connect well with people through its interior styling expertise. 


After working in different home furnishings and interior related companies, founder, Nidhi Tiwari wanted to provide a service which is more people centric rather than trends, references of past interior styles. After interior design, styling is our primary focus as that is the stage when it makes all the difference. Especially home, is a very personal space and generally people get skeptical in involving another formal service for it. It is an emotional

journey and they like to be a soulful part of it. Having said that, it's also a very tiring process for an enthusiast and needs some experience and knowledge at various stages. We make an effort to balance both the aspects to give a customized output.

Our Goal

We are constantly working to make decorating spaces, more joyful. 'Spaces and Stories' firmly believes that spaces, be it a home or a commercial space, should be story tellers, comfortable and functional.